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Benefits to the Franchisee

  • No Deposit.
  • 365 Working Days.
  • Daily Updates.
  • Goodwill of 16 Years.
  • Fast & First in Service.
  • No Royalty Payment on Course Fee.
  • No Renewal Fee.
  • Low Examination Fee.
  • Certificates can be Registered in All Employment Exchanges through out India.
  • Simplified Material will be Provided to the Franchise Centres.
  • Publicity Material will be Provided to the Franchise Centres at a Equilibrium Price. 

Ha a hasa zavarja a szexet egy missziós posztban, próbálja ki a következőket. Felülről esik, belép, majd 45 fokra fordul – X (vagy “X” formát képeznek – ahogy elégedett vagy). Ebben a Kegel gyakorlatait fogja használni. Csökkentheti vagy tolhatja a lábát is egy közelebbi és kellemesebb kapcsolatfelvétel érdekében.


OU Colony, Shaikpet
Phone:+91 - 970 470 6595


Quality:The Education standards of IIAS at a head office level has been accepted and certify by the committee of International Standards Organization (ISO) with regard to the Design and Development of Course, Training and Certification.
Quality Policy:: Our policy is to provide the rural youth with cost effective methods to acquire competitive skill sets to enable them to stand on their own. This we would achieve by continually upgrading our programs, Course materials and training our franchisee faculty members also.